Anonymous asked: how do you think toothless reacts to hiccup masturbating?

wow this is random omg am i even the person you meant to send this to

It depends on context… I guess if it was dragon Toothless i feel like he’d just be like
'stupid human
so lame
just go find your frosty boyfriend
and then leave

… i’m pretty sure it’d be the same in any situation omg
maybe if it was human!toothless he’d make fun of him a lot too


[I’d Done It!]  RPN!AU

…in japanese,…”Siteyattari” (MAYBE)


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DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition- How To Train Your Dragon 2 concept art [Part 1]

All photos taken from the art book of the exhibition, except the first, which was photographed from the actual event. Includes all shown art of Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless.

Hijack - I do


Moooaaar baby hijack. Part 1.

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they’re babies and it’s supposed to be cute but it’s depressing as fuck omg


I wanted to draw somthing….Romantic…somthing…romantic situation….


For the first HiJack Big Bang!

Hiccup owns a restaurant and catering place with his best friend, Astrid. She runs the front of the house while he handles the kitchen. Enter Elsa, a bride looking for a place to hold her bachelorette party and a caterer for her wedding reception.

When Elsa’s fiancé can’t make it to a tasting, her brother Jack offers to fill in for him.

Too bad no one told Hiccup.

Now, Jack can’t figure out why, despite his flirtations, Hiccup keeps giving him the cold shoulder.

It’s an old-fashioned case of mistaken identity, folks.


Artist: anguishofmylove

Genre: fluff with just a little angst

Link to Art:

this was pretty cute


This is a work in progress and will be quite a long comic x___X the colors on Hic’s panel are still off and I still have ways to go with some minor detailing and the clouds x___X this is gonna be a huge illustration but I just wanted to show a preview of the first two “panels” :’ ) bonus points if you recognize where the line is from!!

P.S. PLEASE PLEASE don’t repost this :’( this is a work in progress, but you are welcome to spread the final product when it comes out. (Spread as in reblog/share to your hearts content not reposting here on tumblr OTL)