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emotional abuse is when someone does something to hurt you, and when you express your feelings, that you’re upset, they turn it around to be something you did to hurt them and they force you to apologize for it, and your feelings, like always, are rendered invalid and silenced, forever damaging the ability to trust others with your feelings because they always are used against you.

this is important because so many people don’t know this

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every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

And every man

Look how nobody’s yelling or arguing or making things into a competition. Look how this is to straight up educate people through a different perspective. Look how effective that makes the message.

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The day you say you love me.


The day you say you love me.

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jesus why are people getting so up-in-arms over something so trivial? people need to learn to respect other's preferences and stop being rude about it. sorry this sparked such a shitstorm. you doing okay?


i don’t know, I honestly didn’t want to start anything like this…. it was just one little stupid post i wasn’t even going to make. 
I just thought that, y’know, it was finally okay to have my preference. I started realizing that, y’know, this is fantasy and I can like what I like, and I have friends who respect me anyway. I just thought that maybe those friends wouldn’t mind tagging for me. I mean, I had a friend who I really look up to start tagging top!hic on her blog, since I follow her, so I could block it, and I didn’t ask her to, she just did. So I thought it’d be fine to see if other people also wouldn’t mind, since it seemed like the top/bottom wars had stopped… 
apparently I was wrong though… I really hate this…
I just hate how unfair it is, that top!hic and muscular/masculine/punk hiccup is like, celebrated but making him more feminine is like some sort of taboo… I mean, shouldn’t both be respected equally? Shouldn’t everyone’s preferences and aus be respected equally?
its not like i’m telling real people how to live, its just fictional characters, I don’t see the big deal. like i said, it’s the same as dragon toothcup shippers, they don’t forcing animals into sex or shit like that, jfc. it’s all just fantasy, not real.
there have been some people that have been super nice about it, telling me my post is ok and not ridiculous and that the anon is being a jerk. I’m really grateful for those, they make me feel a bit better.
Like another friend told me, people will always find a way to be offended by something, it can’t be helped… 
thank you so much for this message though, sweetheart, it made me feel a lot better. My stomach hurts and I kinda wish I could just delete my tumblr, but I won’t, and I’m okay. thank you <3

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look weve all got problematic things we like. but when you call attention to them by asking people to do things to help you be problematic theyre going to be like 'wut? no!'. so you cant control your preference/aversion. ok thats perfectly fine. but when you talk about a problematic opinion in public people are going to respond. especially when you ask them to act to accommodate it. and then you whiiine about the response when you agree you shouldnt be like this? -eye-roll-



well there were people who weren’t like ‘no!’ there were people who were like ‘ok this make sense i’ll do it’ and yeah i said that people could do it only if they want to. i never told people to accommodate me i was just seeing if my friends wouldn’t mind tagging. 
i just started feeling like it was ok to have the preference which is why i defended myself- oh sorry, i mean, which is why i whined about it. but now I know its not ok. i’ve been looked down upon for it a lot but it has been a while since that happened, so i thought it was ok. but its apparently not. sorry for whining. i’ll just take all the criticism and never talk back. sorry that i suck so much. I’m sorry but this is how I am, I can’t really control it. I know I’m wrong but I can’t change it.

also its good to know that its ok for people to prefer top!hic and for people to change hiccup to be muscly and masculine but its not ok for me to do the opposite. thats awesome. thanks for letting me know. i mean i always figured i was inferior for my preferences but now i know its true. i’m sure the other people who prefer bottom!hic will be happy to see they are thought of as inferior people who whine. I mean, I got yelled at for people thinking i was saying ‘one is right and one is wrong’ when I never was, but for you its obviously okay to say that one is better than the other. You must be a really important, special person.

and actually, there were hijackers a while go who gave hell about people like me who prefer bottom!hic, not just hiccstrid shippers. Y’know, saying that we always made him ooc and were shallow and didn’t know his real character, and were messing Hiccup up by preferring him to bottom only. Basically what you’re doing. 

Yeah I think i’d like it if you stop. I mean you kind of can’t message someone and criticize their person and call them ridiculous, prejudice, and wrong without hurting them. I honestly have more important things to worry about than what you think of me, but outright telling me how horrible I am and bringing back old feelings does hurt. I really don’t see why you found the need to do all this. but i would really like if it could stop.

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jack frosty with no.8! hope it's not over yet!


isn’t he adorable for a dead guy

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i wrote to phage because you passed the baton to her, passive aggressively daring me to read her and reply. "phagechildon wrote (...) so you can read all that if you want, but you probably won’t." sooooo yea that's why i replied to her. you seemed to endorse what she wrote. which was stuff about bottoming being a character trait, implying top!hic was ooc. then you backpedaled when i called that shit out. i guess you realized too late she'd confessed your true problematic views on gay sex? woops!


I guess I did mention her. She had expanded on it a bit so I figured it was a good explanation. (later i changed it to just mention all the replies I had received since they had agreed with me and also some people liked the idea of tagging). I hadn’t spent a lot of time reading hers though. but yeah. rereading it later I saw it was kind of iffy.(then again, she had multiple replies, maybe we’re thinking of different ones?) she did say in her post it was all only opinion though. and of course it only applies to fictional ships and isn’t my opinions on real life couples. cause y’know fantasy and reality are different. just like people who ship dragon Toothless and Hiccup don’t endorse bestiality in real life. I’d never tell a real couple something like I prefer one as top or bottom, that’s dumb, they’re not there for my enjoyment… but fictional couples and situations… kind of are?
I don’t know if you’re the same anon who said “just stop reading and move on” though. I mean, idk, stopping reading is apparently ridiculous (even though a lot of people stop reading a fic if there’s something they dont like) but it’s also what I’m supposed to do? ok.
but no matter what I say I’m still wrong so. ok anon. I’m a horrible person. You are obviously morally superior in every way. What will make you happy? should I delete my tumblr? leave the hijack fandom? never post an opinion again? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, since all you did was complain about me and how wrong of a person I am.
which I kinda already knew anyway? Do you seriously think I’ve never felt wrong about this? How so many other people can enjoy ships both ways and I can’t? do you think I’ve never wondered what’s wrong with me? do you think I’ve never felt like shit because of this? Because I have, so I really didn’t need your help.

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"Frost! What did I tell you about showing up here before autumn?"
"Nice to see you too, Ronin. Relax, I’m just here to visit!"
"…Fine. I’d better not catch you causing any trouble, understand?"
"You got it."

ROTG/EPIC Crossover: Troublemaker

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*puts down capri sun* i am ready for a sex

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